Monthly Statement of Traders77 Forex Signals

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Forex Signal traders77 first period came from March 7, 2011 until April 8, 2011 as many as 25 times with the following details:
11 signals ended with profit = 11 x 20 pips = 220 pips
11 signals ended with loss  = 6 x (-30)pips = - 180 pips
5 signals = Order Not Touched
3 No Signals

So the total profit earned during the period above = + 40 pips.
These results are very low considering the results of the previous month reached +100 pips. But the profit decrease was due to several factors such as the demonstrations in Egypt, and Libya War that triggered the market price fluctuations become very unstable and difficult to predict in technical or fundamental.

This signal is an implementation from the forex book "Forex Morning Trade system". If you are interested in learning more or want to make a signal like this on your blog, please Click Here to see review of this book!


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